How to join our bounty campaign
Bounties allow anyone to earn cryptocurrency by doing various tasks for ICO campaigns. Those tasks can include
community management jobs, translations, social media promotions, bug bounties and many more. Now, how do you join our bounty? Register on
BountyGuru at . Fill out the required information; name, email address, ether wallet address
(where you want to receive your incentive) and create a password or you can sign-up/log in using your social network profile such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
After registering on BountyGuru you will land on the homepage, where you will be able to find all active bounty campaigns. Just click on a campaign name
and you will see all available bounty types for a particular project. You can see an example screenshot below:

StreamPay is an enterprise supply chain risk monitoring and payment tracking solution that uses
blockchain smart contract to manages suppliers and finished goods.

215 Remaining Days


2000000 STPY Bounty Pool

From this screen, you click on StreamPay’s Bounty, as an example we’ll show you how to take part in our Facebook
bounty, click "Connect Facebook" and go through the authorization process. See additional screenshot:

That’s it. Now after you make retweets or publish tweets with a specific hashtag,
tokens will be automatically added to your balance. Note that there might be extra rules in each bounty.

StreamPay is a universal payment and tracking method integrated with all forms of payments and currencies all over the world. Integrated into the consumer’s smartphone, the payment will show up on the user’s wallet. StreamPay enables the consumer to deposit funds and transfer them to different parts of the world.The consumer will be given a debit card, either Visa or MasterCard. This will enable him/her to make payments to any merchant which accepts Visa or MasterCard.

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