Enter Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

and Payment Tracking Solution Using Blockchain smart
contract technology to trace raw materials to finished goods.

About The Project

StreamPay is a universal payment and tracking method integrated with all forms of payments and currencies all over the world. Integrated into the consumer’s smartphone, the payment will show up on the user’s wallet. StreamPay enables the consumer to deposit funds and transfer them to different parts of the world.The consumer will be given a debit card, either Visa or MasterCard. This will enable him/her to make payments to any merchant which accepts Visa or MasterCard. A powerful tool, a smart contract will help the user to keep their funds safe. This new service would be the consumer’s funds make payments to any merchant which accepts Visa or MasterCard. A powerful tool, a smart contract will help the user to keep their funds safe. This new service would be the consumer’s funds.

StreamPay Wallet Uses Ethereum For Payments

StreamPay accomplishes not stance your balance, before snoop at your transactions. We succeed bitcoin furthermore Ethereum payments taking place on your behalf and keep complete possession of your money.

StreamPay wallet is simply intended from the ground up and can be seamlessly integrated with your store’s workflow.

Digital Payment - From Wallet To Checkout

Ethereum is the future of online payments, and this is a managed method of payments when purchasing products online. StreamPay value its user’s privacy.

StreamPay Ethereum offer such anonymity that nobody knows but you know what you are buying. This is why our Cryptocurrency wallet is perfect for any online business. Now, this is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the currency of the future!

Our Services

Our Services

Our Features

StreamPay is focused on delivering those products that support mass
scale adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible and thereby simultaneously delivering value.

Money Transfer Services

StreamPay users can transfer their money to friends and family from different countries using our StreamPay transfer service. The goal of our project is to disperse risk across the platform to decrease volatility and risk of fraud. In turn, we will charge our merchants a flat fee of 1%.

Basic Point of Sale Services for Merchants

StreamPay provides merchants with a basic point of sale (POS) software and eCommerce site at no additional charges after they sign up with our services. Additionally, we will provide upgraded versions of both the POS software and the eCommerce site for a low monthly fee.

Supply Chain Management

The traceability of physical objects in the real-world supply chain on the StreamPay ledger is what this ensures by providing the required infrastructure.StreamPay supply chain management using blockchain assistance determines who in the supply chain is slowing down the process. The enterprise is then able to switch parties and add a new party who can speed up the process.

Payment Tracking

The StreamPay merchant payment application provides the tracking information provided from the QR code.The StreamPay merchant payment application creates the QR code and prints the QR code to place on the good. As the raw materials are developed into the good, the parties in the transaction are able to trace from the components allowing them to improve the process of the supply chain.

Enterprise Goods Tracking

StreamPay is an enterprise goods tracking solution using blockchain technology to manage smart contracts. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology can be used to track movements in the supply chain and validate it on a real-time basis.