Enterprise Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

and Payment Tracking Solution Using Blockchain smart

contract technology to trace raw materials to finished goods.






Pre - ICO

Proposed date for Pre-Sale of ICO is June 30, 2018

Our Solution

StreamPay is a universal payment and tracking method integrated with all forms of payments and currencies all over the world. Integrated into the consumer’s smartphone, the payment will show up on the user’s wallet. StreamPay enables the consumer to deposit funds and transfer them to different parts of the world.The consumer will be given a debit card, either Visa or MasterCard. This will enable him/her to make payments to any merchant which accepts Visa or MasterCard. A powerful tool, a smart contract will help the user to keep their funds safe. This new service would be the consumer’s funds make payments to any merchant which accepts Visa or MasterCard. A powerful tool, a smart contract will help the user to keep their funds safe. This new service would be the consumer’s funds.

StreamPay is an enterprise distributed ledger project based on blockchain technology. The purpose and design philosophy of this project aims to secure smart contracts and keep distributed ledgers scattered, especially for use by enterprises. Streampay technology keeps distributed ledgers to create articles to insert into smart contracts, so many players in a transaction can track the good back from the raw materials into the finished product using QR codes. Streampay enables players of a transaction to make policy decisions. Streampay also manages the payment process using cryptocurrencies in the player’s local currencies.

StreamPay Wallet Uses Ethereum For Payments

Streampay accomplishes not stance your balance, before snoop at your transactions. We succeed bitcoin furthermore Ethereum payments taking place on your behalf and keep complete possession of your money.

StreamPay wallet is simply intended from the ground up and can be seamlessly integrated with your store’s workflow.

Digital Payment - From Wallet To Checkout

Ethereum is the future of online payments, and this is a managed method of payments when purchasing products online. Streampay value its user's privacy.

StreamPay Ethereum offer such anonymity that nobody knows but you know what you are buying. This is why our Cryptocurrency wallet is perfect for any online business. Now, this is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the currency of the future!

Our Services

StreamPay Development Milestones

StreamPay is the result of a team collaboration. The co-founder decided to move forward with the original idea of StreamPay Token (STPY) sale.
This decision gave birth to StreamPay in August 2017. In the meantime, a team of talented and highly skilled professionals joined the startup and with the founder,
in shaping the vision and putting together founding documents and prototype to move ahead with the idea.

Bounty Structure

Support is required for many marketing and expert discussion forums such as bitcointalk, the contribution of
opinion leaders, banner ads, and participation in selected publications that specialize in Cryptocurrency and blockchain. The exact distribution
of STPY tokens for the marketing campaign is managed by the crowdsale organizers and adjusted regularly, but under no circumstances will
it increase beyond 4% of the total issued STPY.

Our Team

Senior Software Engineer

Asad is an experienced full stack developer and works as a Web Application Developer.

Senior Software Engineer

Syed Farooq built his career in development, work for designing and developing effective software solutions.

UI/UX Designer

Kashif Ali is a passionate UI/UX Designer and works on fond of Web & Mobile Applications Design.

Project Leader

Usman is an experienced Project Leader. Responsible for planning, executing and promoting activities that a project undertakes.

Technical writer

Saba starts a career as a content writer and produces various content types includes Blogs, and whitepaper.

SQA Engineer

Sidra built her career in SQA and responsible to monitor, analyze and test software during development.

Software Engineer

Iram is an experienced software engineer and has a keen interest in blockchain and related technologies offer.

Technical Support Engineer

Customer service focused Technical Support Specialist with the excellent career experience in helpdesk environments.

Software Developer

Rizwan focused on application, architecture and database development. He specialized in using latest technologies

Web Developer

Umer is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites according to a client's specifications.

Mobile Application Developer

Ali specializes in 'Mobile Application Development such as building apps for Google's Android, Apple's iOS.

Technical Support Engineer

As a Technical support engineer, Hassan is responsible for installing and configuring our software on our customer's end.

Our Features

Streampay is focused on delivering those products that support mass
scale adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible and thereby simultaneously delivering value to STPY holders.


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